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Why do we see what we see?

August 23, 2008

What intrigues me is the way our eyes see certain things over others. Ok so theres a lot that we can go in to as to why this is the case. Colours, shapes, size, recognition, and all kinds of other physical or social aspects and influences, not to mention the scientific explanations.

Eventually I’ll go through as many of these aspects and influences as I possibly can. But I wouldn’t want to overhelm anyone, just yet.

The aim of this is to see what ideas I can produce to form a project that will somehow convey what I have learnt from my investigations into the topic of space, shapes and anything/everything that has a bearing on both. Let’s see where the journey takes me. Because believe me – I have no idea either.

To start this off I’m going to look at the idea of colour inversion. So firstly we’ve all seen this image right?

Goblet illusion, black on white  Goblet illusion, white on black

And we all know that it’s called the goblet illusion because the goblet is the first thing you see. Why is that? Why don’t we all see the two faces first? Would it work if we inverted the colours?

What do you think? I certainly think the faces are easier to see when they are in black but the goblet is still a very prominent part of the image – stands out a lot. I thought maybe it would be the fact that a larger part of the image was taken up by the goblet? Or maybe it was just the central positioning?

I’m going to leave it here for now. Do some research and see what I find.