It’s not easy making a connection

I’ve been trying to anchor my thoughts – they really are flying everywhere. Ok so I said i was going to look into the different types of geometry but then I became sidetracked by one kind – Islamic geometry and it’s possible symbolism. I think there are some very important relationships that can be drawn from the accuracy and detail and near perfection of the patterns that are created in Islamic and even non islamic but similar geometry.

One such relationship is that of the divine creation and the indications of this that are found in nature. It can be argued that the artists of the early Islamic art movement were trying to portray the perfection of God’s creation through the use of geometry and without the use of imagery showing any living beings (reasons for doing this will be discussed in future – or you can nudge me to tell you sooner – any feedback or questions are appreciated). This is a plausible point as symmetry and geometry can be found in nature all around us including our very own bodies.

This then closely relates to the idea of the Golden mean. The ancient Greeks placed much importance on this and here is a quick explanation from wikipedia:

In philosophy, especially that of Aristotle, the golden mean is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency.

To the Greek mentality, it was an attribute of beauty. Both ancients and moderns realized that “there is a close association in mathematics between beauty and truth.”

The Greeks believed there to be three concomitants of beauty: symmetry, proportion, and harmony. This triad of principles infused their life. They were very much attuned to beauty as an object of love and something that was to be imitated and reproduced in their lives, architecture, Paideia and politics. They judged life by this mentality.”

Ok so now I’ve lost track of where I was going with this. I want to quickly mention the Golden ratio also known as Phi. As seen in the image below:

The golden ratio (phi) represented as a line divided into two segments a and b, such that the entire line is to the longer a segment as the a segment is to the shorter b segment.

Ok so back to the point – I am going to concentrate on drawing a connection between the ideas presented in the theory of geometry and symmerty in nature, golden mean and ratio, the divine creation and symbolism that can be found in artistic interpretations of these ideas/theories. Am I taking on too much? well considering that I keep coming up with new topics to look into means that at least my thoughts are developing. Lets just hope they are sinking in and remain relevant to my project.

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2 Comments on “It’s not easy making a connection”

  1. The Missing Link Says:

    In nature, the Golden Mean is the ideal geometric progression, because at each stage of expansion, the current dimension is as related to the last stage, as it was to the previous. Thus, the fossilized ammonites you see polished at the local rock shop represent adherence to a firm physical/universal law – the correct proportionality of growth to ensure continued stable expansion. If we paid more attention to this in our social/political realms, we’d be much better off. However, Nature has a way of reinforcing Her rule (or God His).

    One can look at this secularly, and say that Phi must be a result of the evolutionarily weeding out of those growth proportions too large or too small to be stable and continuous. One can look at this theologically and say only God could make something so self-consistent. Whatever way you want to look at the issue, Phi appears in nature so often because of self-consistency.

    Please incorporate it into as much of your art as you can, and I trust you will find your piece more aesthetically pleasing.


    • bonzaibondo Says:

      Thanks for your comment and nicely put. I am planning to adhere to the accuracy that is needed for Islamic pattern making and that should at least help with the overall aesthetics of my final piece.

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