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Essay is done – or is it?

September 28, 2009

I think I’ve finished my essay but I have this uneasy feeling that it could be better. Actually I know it could be  but I’ve already done wayyy too much and I am in danger of turning it into a book, maybe not a bestseller but still a book.

Admittedly the first couple of thousands of words are mostly to do with historical background, the rise of Islamic art and its early influences. This is the part that I’m not sure about in terms of writing style. I seem to find it easier to do descriptive and analytical writing rather than structuring historical facts in an interesting way. I know what’s it’s like to be bored from reading things and I wouldn’t want to be the cause of it for someone else.

The rest of the essay is focussed on the rise or emergence of contemporary art in the Middle East and the rest of the world. I have divided Islamic art into four categories and then go on to discuss the work of four artists/practitioners, each of whom fits one of the categories.

I would love to get the essay proof-read by someone but not only is there not much time (it’s due tomorrow I think) but I also know that it’s a lot to ask of someone. Too late now anyway.

Anyway, although it was hard to get off the ground at first, once I knew what I was doing I really enjoyed conducting research for this paper. I could happily continue in this subject and explanding my ideas for the rest of the year whilst producing the practical side of the projects outcome.

Tutorial – 23/09/09

September 28, 2009

Camberwell College of Arts

MA Visual Arts Course (Digital Arts)

23rd September 2009


Issues discussed/Subject:

– Still wondering about the suitability of the title of my essay

– Andy had a quick look at my renewed abstract and was pleased with the questions raised in this, especially that of whether common perceptions of Islamic Art being bound by the religion are true.

We also discussed how it could be slightly restructured to allow for the conclusion to suggest what I will prove by the end of the paper.

– Discussed practical issues related with exhibiting my art work later in the year. Electronic aspects such as lighting solutions and the kind of sensors I could use in a safe way to meet my needs.

– Discussed the importance of light in different cultures – spiritual relevance in its use

Actual notes taken in tutorial:

In regards to abstract: move last questions up a bit – possibly add on to the first about assumptions and remove very last question.

Is the the didgital era bringing in more to the Islamic art scene? Add to the first question about assumptions: ‘as the digital era is maturing, is this really the case?’

Conclude with ‘this paper will set out to prove/illustrate the relationship between Islamic Art and theological thinking…’?

In the last paragraph expand on what may be concluded from studying the subject and in trying to find the answers – although it is not always the case that an answer is found, or that it was found to be what you thought it would.

Eletronics and hardware – use of sensors that will be usable in the kind of installation that I would like to construct: PIR motion sensor lights. Need to look into which products are available, pricing, set-up and safety/compatibility. Can they be plugged straight into a regular socket?

Consider the sculptural aspects – what will they look like? 3d shapes – of what kind?

How will the light source affect the patterns cast from or projected by the sculpture? There will be some distortion but this will be a play on space and physical perception. The viewers interaction with the space will also have an affect on this.

|-> how does this effect the concept of geometry and related themes?

The distortion can be said to be related to human sense of order being disturbed – the patterns becoming irregular after actually being constructed and displayed on a flat surface as being very much regular and ordered. Move closer to the light source – does the pattern change? in what way? does this relate to a person moving closer to something in a spiritual sense?

Light means a lot to people in different ways but has a very significant role in most cultures and religions and so seems apt to use this in this installation to encourage people to explore the patterns as well as it’s symbolism.