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Tutorial with Andy – 20/01/10

January 31, 2010

This is a bit overdue…

Camberwell College of Arts

MA Visual Arts Course (Digital Arts)

2oth January 2010


Issues discussed/Subject:

Looked through Unit2 Learning Outcomes and discussed what these actually entail in terms of what is expected from myself during the last few months of the course.

Notes taken:

– Realise project proposal and prepare towards final exhibition

this includes the implementation of different developments along the way. Evidence can be produced through the blog.

– Present a resolved body of creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge

this will be the degree show and it will also be most relevant to evidence progress whereby some things may not have worked and in realising this you change that aspect to discover something that does work. Will need to evidence how these changes have been encountered and applied.

– Analyse and reflect coherently upon your own practice and others through your presentation at a symposium  forming a synthesis of your practice-based research.

Look at how your work and yourself as an artist are viewed objectively and from the perspective of someone looking from outside in to the context you are in. Once again this will be evidenced through the blog. you should also illustrate how and where your practice overlaps that of other artists and their practices.

– Summarise your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing personal and of professional development.

Summarise where you started and where you were as a practitioner at the beginning of the course and compare this with where you are now/at the end of it – where did you get to? Evaluate. Positives and negatives.


I think there were more but I need to find my handbook and go through these when I get a chance as we were running late as it was.

Breaktime is over

January 9, 2010

Ahhh what a nice break. It’s been cool giving myself time to relax. I thought I’d treat myself for the hard work of Unit1 which btw I got feedback for last week and it was very positive.

This was very encouraging and I am eager to progress this project to see what I’ll produce as the end nears in a few months. It’s roughly 5 months to the end of the course. I’m not counting the rest of this month or July. You have to give yourself contingency time don’t you?

So just to recount my goals for the next few months…

I need to:

  • explore further lighting options
  • experiment with interactive elements of lighting use
  • look at further materials that could be used for sculptural aspects of the work e.g, aluminium?
  • build second prototype by mid-March? (may need to revise this one later)
  • keep taking photographs of work as I go along (I like how these have come out so far and the process has turned into an artistic practice in itself)

I’m sure there will be more to add to this list but even this is enough to keep me going till I need to produce the final version. But then so much could happen in the next few months so this is only an indication of what I’m going to aim for.

Oh and here’s an image I created last week. It is a combination of hand-drawn and digital illustration (best way I can think of describing it). I think black and white is just my thing. Even though I contemplate doing coloured work I tend to always come back to the black and white. I guess its a classic combo that always looks good.

Inversion by Sara Choudhrey

Inversion by Sara Choudhrey