MADA 2010 – came and went (well)

MA Digital Arts show 2010 – Camberwell College of Arts

The private view was on Tuesday 13th July. People actually turned up on time which was a surprise to me, but I guess not everyone is like me then in turning up just a bit late.

It was a really good turn-out and I saw many visitors genuinely exploring the exhibition space and looking closely at the installations. I was pleased to see that the interactivity in my work was a success and many people seemed to be mystified by how the projection was activated with the movement. It was cool explaining to those who asked about the technical aspects such as the use of Processing, the infra-red camera and the projector all in one and then to hear their positive feedback. This direct form of feedback was invaluable, as even though I would stop and speak to various guests and visitors I was able to watch others playing with the polyhedron models and figure out how to manipulate the projection.

I really enjoyed the evening and really hope everyone else did too.

Here are some photos of the Reflect installation from when it was a bit quieter later in the week.

Reflect - This is the sculpture from the installation

Reflect - by Sara Choudhrey. This is the aluminium sculpture from the interactive installation

The look of the metal would change in different lighting and depending on the changes in the projection the Islamic pattern would be higlighted in different ways. The blue in the following images was slightly unexpected but reminds me of the deep blue sea/ocean:

Reflect - sculpture with change in lighting

Reflect - sculpture with change in lighting

And here’s another of my favourites – a closeup looking into the space created by the curve in the sculpture:

Reflect - closeup of sculpture with light effects in bg

Reflect - closeup of sculpture with light effects in bg

I am pleased with the outcome of the practical work and really hope I get the opportunity to exhibit this piece again. I have a few things I’d like to change in the way it is exhibited too, top of the list is changes to the processing to make coloured projections. And ideally in a more isolated dark space where there is no light spill/interference.

I’ve even had a few ideas which will allow me to return to some of my previous experiments with reflecting warped patterns created by reflecting light onto walls. Can’t wait to get started on those 🙂

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