MA results!

I got my results this morning and I’m soo relieved and grateful to God that my efforts in the project were reflected in the marks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Andy Stiff and Jonathan Kearney the Digital Arts tutors. They were both very inspiring and knowledgeable in the field and this was invaluable especially when receiving feedback throughout the course and through the tutorials.

I’d also like to thank past and present students who provided advice and feedback during mid-point and group reviews. Hope you all manage to continue working and expanding on your practices.

It truly has been an interesting and unpredictable journey but one that I enjoyed very much. I would recommend the course to anyone with an interest in the field of Digital Arts. So remember Camberwell when looking for a course!

I would also like to thank a few key people who have helped me in various ways during the course:

– My family for being unbelievably supportive and putting up with my endless chatter about the project
– Daud Sutton, author of Islamic Design – A Genius for Geometry, a small concise book but immensely useful for learning how to create traditional Islamic patterns
– Victoria Hotchin for proof-checking my write-ups without giving up in boredom
– Lindsey Auty for being the best personal memo pad
– Richard Henry for his tips on extending my pursuit of Islamic pattern-making (Issam Said’s book is ready and waiting)
– Sahand Hesamiyan for his vital advice on using metal
– Susan Mortimer for helping make the lovely books that have been admired by all
– My crazy uni friends (you know who you are) , you’re mad but at the end of the day you’re the best
– and finally all the artists and practitioners who have contributed to my research and provided me with the material to take it all forward for a possible PhD

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, my memory is truly not the best so it’s nothing personal if I have.

So what of this blog now? I will be continuing with my research and practice but for the new phase I may start a new blog. I will add a post with details of this once the ball gets rolling with that. For now, a well-earned break perhaps.

Thank you for being such attentive readers (at the point of writing this post I had received 26,043 visitors to the blog since August 2008) and I hope the content of this blog will be useful to anyone looking into the areas of Digital or Islamic/geometric art or anything related to what was covered on this blog.

Thank you all again, Ciao 🙂

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