Shapes of space

Or Space of shapes or Shape of spaces? or Shapes in space? or…

I’m trying to make you think what those two key words might mean. Shape and Space. I refer to these as the key words as they are the underlying topics on which my project is based.

This project is an exploration of how shapes are formed and then perceived by us. I am then breaking this down into more of a specific look into how shapes are used in artwork – particularly to form geometric patterns in Islamic art.

My first port of call so to speak will be to study the original methods that have been used to create these Islamic geometric patterns. If you read on to my Project proposal (link should be somewhere on the right) there is more detail about the areas of research I wish to include in my exploration.

The outcome of this project is to create an artistic representation of my conclusion in this project. The conclusion may well be one focal point that I want to convey to the public or might be an overall idea that I want to highlight (be this philosophical or literal).

I will be posting anything of interest, in relation to my project, on this blog. It will certainly be handy to come back and see how my thoughts and ideas have been influenced by my findings and where my initial ideas might lead me later in the project. I would say it’s still early days as I started this course in Sep 2008 and will be completing it in approx. 2 yrs!

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