About Me


I graduated from a BSc in Multimedia technology and design degree in 2006. Following this I started freelancing as a web designer where I picked up my understanding of CSS in use with HTML and entered the realm of professional web design. A few contracts and jobs later I am now an in-house Web Designer for an online travel company.

I am now also doing a part-time MA in Digital Arts for which I started this blog. This blog is a record of my research and development. A collection and analysis of ideas and thoughts for my project work.

My industry experience has been mostly web design and front-end development. However, when not at work I also dabble in other forms of creative production. These come in the form of geometric, symmetrical formations using ink, paint or software (see ‘My work’).

Islamic Art is enriched with geometry, symmetry, arabic scriptive calligraphy, vegetal motifs in repetitive patterns, and also symbolic motifs. Traditional and classical examples of these are used for interior decor in places of Islamic worship – the Masjid (mosque).

Geometry and it’s use in Islamic art is going to be a big focus in my project but even this is a vast area with many branching subject areas that would be interesting to look into.

Have a look through my posts to see my progress and to see if I succeed in making interesting and explorative connections in the research areas that I come across.

4 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Qifa Nabki Says:

    Nice work. Looking forward to following your blog…

  2. All your works are beautiful,congratulation!

  3. toobaa Says:

    Gorgeous work!

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